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by Steven Carol

998 pages
Size: 8.25” x 11”
Price: $59.95
+ $7.00 shipping
Signed copies available from the author.
contact: 4thehistorian77@gmail.com
E-BOOK: $27.99

The purpose of Understanding the Volatile and Dangerous Middle East is to assist the general public to obtain a deeper comprehension of this bewildering region. Middle East issues can become muddled and confusing, particularly since the mainstream news media, editorials, and popular literature on this highly-controversial subject are often plagued by inaccurate information, or even disinformation. They often commit biased omissions—leaving out important information that can help the public comprehend the true entire picture, and counteract these inaccuracies. This book is an essential volume for the general public as well as specialists, students, and those in the media. It will prevent readers from making common and not so common mistakes for lack of adequate knowledge. Additionally, there are 78 large historically-oriented maps—a built-in Middle East historical atlas—and numerous tables that enhance the text, which is thoroughly indexed. The author presents this information in a clear, comprehensive, understandable, and insightful manner. Understanding the Volatile and Dangerous Middle East is a Middle East library rolled into one volume. For anyone who seeks the truth based on facts, this definitely is one book to keep handy on your library shelf.


(The answers to these questions, and much, much more are contained in Understanding the Volatile and Dangerous Middle East by Dr. Steven Carol)

       ·  What international waterway was the cause of two major Middle East wars in eleven year? (See pages 11–15)

 ·       What international crisis was triggered by the use of the name “Ferdinand de Lesseps” repeated 10 times in 14 minutes on July 26, 1956? (See page 6)

 ·       What was the bright flash high in the atmosphere, half-way between South Africa and Antarctica that briefly appeared on September 22, 1979? (See page 665)

 ·       What were a group of Nazis doing for the Egyptian government from 1959–65? (See pages 567–70)

 ·       Why was Walt Disney’s Snow White banned in the Arab world? (See page 504)

 ·       What happened to Iraq’s WMDs? (See pages 586–89)

 ·       The name “Palestine” was first coined by whom and why? (See page 137)

 ·       Why was a brand new toy Teddy Bear found on the destroyed street in Beirut in 2006? (See page 766)

 ·       Who planned a gas chamber and crematorium for the Jews of British Mandatory Palestine as well as the Jews of Arab countries? (See page 95)

 ·       What Kurdish leader stopped the Crusaders in 1187? (See page 319)

 ·       “This is the end of the Third Temple.” Who said that and why? (See page 662)

 ·       Who, single-handedly, helped Israel gain the Golan Heights in 1967? (See page 105)

 ·       What was the mystery ship that helped Israel become the world’s sixth nuclear power? (See page 657)

 ·       To date, how many times has Israel been forced to prepare for possible use of its nuclear weapons? (See pages 657, 662, 664)

  So, what is inside?

Understanding the Volatile and Dangerous Middle East?

(some of the topics include:)

 ·  The unique geographic position of the Middle East

·  The demographic mélange of the Middle Eas

·  The Palestinian Arab refugee issue is not what is publicly portrayed

·  The history of Israel from 1400 BCE to date

·  The importance of Jerusalem and its history

·  The Jewish historical heartland - Judea and Samaria

·  The international legal basis for a Jewish state in the Middle East

·  The history of the Kurds throughout historic Kurdistan

·  Historic East–West rivalry in the Middle East

·  Islamic obliteration of other faiths sites; persecution of other faiths

·  How many Palestinian Arab states must there be?

·  Russia’s historic presence in the Middle East

·  Islam – religion, ideology and complete way of life

·  Islam – the status of women and the dhimmis

·  Islam – a history of conquest 622 CE to date

·  “Democracy” in the Middle East

·  Middle East – Assassinations and coups – the historic record

·  Political alignments, rivalries and shifting alliances

·  The US–Israel connection – a two-way de facto alliance

·  The Mirage of Pan Arabism

·  Military, economic, terror and limited liability wars

·  Hijackings and hostage-taking: A historic practice

·  The quest for WMDs throughout the region

·  “Occupation” or not

·  One-sided attempts at peace

·  Bazaar diplomacy and the art of negotiating Middle East style

·  The tyranny of the majority, the useless United Nations

·  The myth of international guarantees

·  No free press in the Arab/Muslim Middle East

·  Double-standards and bias in media coverage of the Middle East

·  The War of Words


and woven throughout the book:

· The Role of the West in the Middle East

·  The Role of the United States in the Middle East


Price: $59.95 + $7.00 shipping (4.8 lbs)


                 CRITICAL REVIEWS

Text Box: A Garden of History By Klemens Metternich on March 12, 2016 
What I look for in a history book are reliable facts, clear analysis, and writing that keeps my interest. In Steven Carol’s new book, Understanding The Dangerous And Volatile Middle East, I found all three…and dare I add, “As usual.” Dr. Carol’s books have been filled with unassailable facts backed up by solid references and enough bibliography to open a small library. This latest book is much larger than the earlier ones because it has more of everything—one stop shopping, one could say, for everything about the myriad of the Middle East’s seemingly unsolvable problems. The excellent use of chronological charts to display the flow of events saves hours of reading, while the increased detail and enhanced text of the 78 full page maps allows for a better and clearer geographical perspective. I must also point out that Dr. Carol also included an extensive glossary of abbreviations used as well as many technical terms in Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew. From an actual explanation of Honor Killing and a scholar’s definition of “Muslim fundamentalist” to the details of the many wars, battles, treaties, and agreements spanning centuries, the reader finds himself or herself wending through the bizarre world of Middle East conflagrations now placed in proper perspective and clearly explained: A garden of history! I always enjoy reading history whenever I can understand right away what was going on and can follow events and how these events, caused by earlier problems, play out and exacerbate the earlier problems, causing new ones. At the conclusion of Dr. Carol’s new book, I feel I now know where we are in the Middle East, but even better, I also know how we got there. It is a great book with wonderful analysis, and remarkable writing.
Comprehensive, readable reference on the Middle East! By D. Leeper 
This is a truly comprehensive, readable reference on the history, geography, and politics of the Middle East. It covers the entire region and the full timeline beginning around 1400 BCE (Israel's earliest days) with the heaviest emphasis on modern times, right up through 2015. There is excellent coverage, for example, of all the wars involving Israel. 
Some history books can be a real chore to read, but Dr. Carol has taught high-school- through college-level courses, and he knows how to write for those readers, not just his fellow researchers. Any student or author preparing a term paper, article, presentation, or book on the Middle East would do well have this text as a prime source. So would anyone traveling to the Middle East on business or diplomacy. The bibliography, end notes, timeline tables, and maps are thorough. 
Dr. Carol built his book around 75 "Basic Principles." These are expressed in one-liners like "In the Middle East, weakness guarantees aggression", "The goal of pan-Arab unity has been largely illusory, akin to a mirage in the desert", and "International guarantees, especially when applied to the Middle East, are often broken and do not provide security." Each basic principle has a section of text, maps, and tables that support it in detail, all with extensive references. One good way for the casual reader to "dive in" is to choose one of the 75 principles from the table at the front of the book and then turn to the accompanying text. Of course the book is fully indexed, which is another way to explore a topic of interest. 
The paperback version of this book is big(!). It's 11 x 8.5 x 2 inches (HWD). That makes it easy to read, with print large enough to avoid fatigue, but it also means the book is best used on a table. I bought both the paperback and Kindle versions. The Kindle version is more difficult to "flip though" than the book, and the maps are smaller, but of course the Kindle version is more portable, it is easy to search for key words and names, and if your Kindle is so equipped, you can "click" on the many URLs in the end notes and bibliography, taking you to more material on the internet. You can also "highlight" portions of the text and add your own bookmarks and notes. 
I'm a general reader myself, and I occasionally write short articles on Israel and Middle East. The thousands of names, places, and historical events in the Middle East are bewildering, but I now have one readable, ready reference to help me sort it all out!
“This book is required reading for all those who seek a true understanding of the Middle East conflict and its roots. Dr. Carol offers a necessary corrective to the prevailing opinion fostered among academics and media professional based on false information usually shaped by lies and Arab propaganda. Dr. Carol cuts through political correctness and offers irrefutable facts in easy to read tables about the Middle East history and conflicts. I strongly recommend it.”
–Brigitte Gabriel, president of ACT! for America and author of They Must Be Stopped: Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It.
This book clarifies the complexities of Arab-Islamic history during the past 1,400 years with an array of current facts comprehensible to students even at the high school level. Carol’s book should also be read, however, by college and university students so many of whom are misled by “politically correct” academics and journalists as well as by Arab propagandists. This reader friendly volume provides much needed factual data about the Arab-Israeli conflict. It should be brought to the attention of all friends of Israel, so often in need of solid facts to defend the one and only Jewish homeland.”  –Prof. Paul Eidelberg, President Foundation for Constitutional Democracy, Jerusalem






























































by Steven Carol

From the moment it was established, the State of Israel has been looking for political allies in the international community. One way to achieve this goal has been to offer technological, economic and military assistance to developing nations across the world. Four East African countries–Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania were prime beneficiaries of this effort. Later, these efforts were extended to Eritrea and South Sudan. Israel demonstrated its willingness to offer a far greater share of its limited resources to international assistance, than practically any other nation, large or small.

 The chronicle of those laudable activities of the Jewish State are little known even to post World War II historians, not to speak of men and women on the street.  This story is not only part of the history of Israel but also an important part of the histories of those East African states. Moreover, the experience gained in these programs of international aid can serve as a model for such activities worldwide.

 Since 1948, Israel’s foreign policy towards East Africa exemplified these immortal words: “…I will also give thee [Israel] for a light to the nations, that My salvation may be unto the end of the earth.”–Isaiah 49:6. From Jerusalem to the Lion of Judah and Beyond provides the most thorough analysis of Israel’s foreign policy towards East Africa.


 (The answers to these questions, and much, much more are contained in

From Jerusalem to the Lion of Judah and Beyond.

·       Which prominent personalities were on Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961 and what happened to that flight? An eerie mystery. (See pages 310–11)

 ·       What advantages did Israel possess as it prepared for the Entebbe rescue attempt? (See page 255)

 ·       What world record for most passengers carried aboard a single 747 jet was set on May 24, 1991? (See page 327)

 ·       What role did Israel play in the establishment of the new nation — the Republic of South Sudan? (See pages 373–80)

 ·       Who are the Beta Israel and what is their connection to Israel? (See pages 50–55)

 ·       How were the Beta Israel rescued and brought to Israel? (See pages 277–90, 321–38)

 ·       Who was Queen Makeda and what was her relationship with Israel? (See page 49)

 ·       How was Kenya linked to the early Zionist movement at the turn of the twentieth century? (See pages 65–68)

 ·       What was the Entebbe Affair? (See pages 253–65)

 ·       What crucial role did Kenya play during the Entebbe Affair? (See pages 259–60)

 ·       How did the Sinai–Suez War of 1956 change the Israeli–East African relationship? (See pages 45–47)

 ·       What were the consequences of the Six–Day War for Israel’s relationship with East Africa? (See pages 209–15)

 ·       Why did African policies towards Israel change in the early 1970s? (See page 217–26)

 ·       What were the ramifications of the Yom Kippur War on Israeli–East African relations? (See pages 227-36)

Price: $29.95 + $5.00 shipping


Critical Review

Great Book! By Klemens Metternich

I am engrossed in daily research on the Middle East and once in a while find books that not only provide me with factual information, but also provide links to other data sources which makes my research much easier. Steven Carol's book "From Jerusalem To The Lion Of Judah and Beyond" is such a book. Not only do I find the facts that I need, but I enjoy reading his presentation of the material and learn much from that. I cannot stress more for today's politicians that history is more than dates, names, with some geography and economics tossed in. History is a living, breathing account t of the steps taken before we took over. Many times we find some political leaders do not seem to know where they are going, and most often discover that it may very well be because they do not know where we've been! And any American leader who has no time to study the history of the Middle East definitely is left without a clue. If it were not for significant pressure from the Middle Easton on our fledgling government, there would have been little impetus for our leadership to have pushed so hard for a navy or a constitution!


 Order a copy directly from Dr. Carol. Write to him at drhistory@cox.net and an order form will be sent to you. Place “BOOK ORDER FORM” in the subject line. He will be pleased to sign the book, if you so desire. The book is $35.00 postpaid.

The book can also be ordered from Amazon at:



Encyclopedia of Days: Start the Day with History

By Steven Carol


Foreword by

Tom Horne

Former Arizona Attorney General and former

State Superintendent of Public Instruction

 Encyclopedia of Days uses daily events as a lens through which to view the wide panorama of history. A gigantic 724 pages, it includes over six thousand entries for every day of the year, designed to both fascinate and educate. 

 Within its pages, you can learn that Bjarni Herjólfsson was the first European “discoverer” of record to locate North America, Paul Revere did not complete his famous ride, the Battle of Bunker Hill was never fought there, Francis Hopkinson–not Betsy Ross–designed our first flag, the US did not buy Florida, that gunfight did not occur at the O.K. corral and Theodore Roosevelt did not charge up San Juan Hill.

It covers over 3,000 years of history and a huge number of subjects illustrating geography, politics, international relations, economics, social events and popular culture. It is an important reminder of human frailties and triumphs, lending insight and perspective into the complex modern world. Thoroughly indexed, it contains a bonus of twenty-one detailed appendices brimming with additional information. While other compilations are mostly specialty works, dealing with a specific subject or time period, this work is far wider in scope, yet detailed in content.

Professor Steven Carol, historian, author and history consultant, is a retired professor of US history, the World Wars of the Twentieth Century, the Cold War, and the Modern Middle East. Carol has appeared on radio across the country and his opt-ed articles have been featured in the US, Canada and the Middle East.

Encyclopedia of Days is designed for the layperson, students, parents, especially those who might be home teaching, libraries, those in the media, and just about anyone interested in obtaining a quick reference guide to history. It can be used as a basis for a fun game, it can be used as a motivational tool in the business world to inspire employees and it can be used as a classroom motivation to start the day.

 This is an exceedingly practical and accessible volume, an indispensable reference for anyone that seeks a deeper understanding of both American and World history. All told, Encyclopedia of Days is a fun way to recall history and to learn some aspects of history that will amaze you. As such this unique reference belongs in everyone’s home library. If you like history, you will LOVE this book. If, in the words of the classic Sam Cooke song you ¯“Don’t know much about history. . .”¯ you need this book! It makes an excellent gift.




(The answers to these questions, and much, much more are contained in

Encyclopedia of Days: Start the Day with History

by Dr. Steven Carol )

 ·      Where, when and by whom was the first successful war for religious freedom fought? (See page 500).

·  Columbus was not the first European “discoverer” of America. Who was? (See page 419).

· Paul Revere did not finish his famous midnight ride to Concord to warn Patriot leaders “The British are coming!” Who did? (See page 159).

·  The famous June 17, 1775, Battle of Bunker Hill was never fought there. Where did it take place? (See page 251).

·  The first declaration of American independence was not proclaimed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Where did it take place? (See page 208).

·  The Continental Congress did not declare the United States “free and independent” on July 4, 1776. (See page 276).

·  Betsy Ross did not sew the first American flag. (See page 246).

·  After a deadlock in the Electoral College, which US Presidential election was decided after 36 ballots in the US House of Representatives? (See page 72).

·  The US did not purchase the Floridas (there was more than one) from Spain in 1819 (See page 79).

·  The famous battle of the ironclads at Hampton Roads, Virginia, did not take place between the Monitor and the Merrimack (See page 106).

·  Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation did not free all the slaves (See page 391).

·  What was the last fighting unit of the Confederacy to surrender (where and when) in the Civil War? (See page 463).

·  Who or what blew up the USS Maine in Havana, Cuba harbor triggering the Cuban-Spanish-American War? (See page 69).

·  During the Cuban-Spanish-American War, Teddy Roosevelt and the “Rough Riders” did not assault San Juan Hill. What prominence did they charge up? (See page 274).

Price: $39.95 + $5.00 shipping


Five Star review on Amazon.com by “Klemens Metternich KVM”

“Going steady with History,

October 30, 2009

Amazon Verified Purchase


In a recent speech, I planned to mention a few dates that were important to my subject matter, so I opened the "Encyclopedia of Days: Start the Day with History", by Steven Carol, and was amazed at the events shown for those dates over the centuries. Although the data was meant as asides to the subject matter to keep interest, the audience responded to my references surprisingly well and seemed to take more interest in the subject. I called one of my sons to wish him birthday wishes, but before my call, I looked up his birth date in the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF DAYS: START THE DAY WITH HISTORY, and let him know that the first book ever printed was published on his birthday in 1457, and that the U.S. Marines entered Beijing to help put down the Boxer rebellion on his birthday in 1900. My son had an interest in both events. This information, plus a few other tidbits turned an otherwise routine phone call into a very animated chat that both of us needed. Since I started bringing the book with me to a social organization of which I am a member, other members find their way to the book now and make notes to take home with them. Their wives have birthdays, their kids need something for school, some of the home-schooling parents need interesting material, and a few neighbors are Civil War buffs. Some other parents I know purchased the book to show their kids a few things their schools had not covered. I love the book, but it can become addictive.”


Order a copy directly from the author. Write to him at radioforum@aol.com  and an order form will be sent to you. Place “BOOK ORDER FORM” in the subject line. He will be pleased to sign the book, if you so desire. The over 700 page book is $45.00 postpaid.

The book can also be ordered from Amazon at:




 Written and produced by Dr. Steve Carol

The Copper Star (for Centennial of Arizona Statehood)



Old Ironclad (for the Sesquicentennial of the Duel of Ironclads - USS Monitor vs. CSS Virginia)


American Mythbuster: Points out the myths and truth in United States History


You may purchase each of these songs.

Each music CD is $5.00 postpaid anywhere in the U.S.


CD - Featured speaker at American Citizens United, July 7, 2010

Topic: The so-called "Two State" solution; the state of the Middle East and U.S. policy


 CD - Featured guest on "Perspective Underground" - Chicago/Milwaukee: Post-election analysis-What an Obama presidency means for the Middle East."

November 8, 2008


CD - Featured guest on the Tovia Singer Show, Israel National Radio: "Historian: Israel capitulating further on "red Lines" it said it would not cross."

August 21, 2008


CD - Featured guest on the Tovia Singer Show, Israel National Radio: Historian: Israel Committing National Suicide"

January 15, 2008


*CD - Featured guest on Public Impact - WPOS, Toledo, Ohio - "Peace, peace, there is no peace" - Nov. 20, 2007


*CD - Featured guest on Israel National News - "Israel on the Chopping Block in the Annapolis 'peace deal' " - Nov. 27, 2007


*CD - Featured guest on Middle East Radio Forum "Ramifications of Annapolis for the future" - Dec. 2, 2007


Each CD disk $5 + 2.95 shipping and handling

SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER: All three (* above) CDs for $13.50 + $3.95 shipping and handling



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